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Risk Register

Ennevy Consulting presents management tools!

Risk Register

AUS$88.00 each

The Risk Register is a risk management tool, is an all purposes risk register, and has a companion booklet, 'Risk Register, The booklet for the Risk Register released in October 2015'.

The Risk Register is suitable for recording a wide range of risks, and is capable for recording up to 11 different kinds of information to describe a risk. The Summary automatically updates the risks and residual risks with risk ratings based on the trafic lights.

The Risk Register is in the Microft Excel format, the systems required to operate it and read the companion booklet are Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 Excel and Adobe Reader.

By placing your Order you acknowledge that you are purchasing one licence for one quantity of the Risk Register Product for a period of 12 months for your sole use of the Product. The 12 months licence period commences from the date of the purchase. Any variation from the licence conditions requires confirmation in writing from Ennevy Consulting.

By placing your Order you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

For further information contact Ennevy Consulting.

Bulk buy and trade are welcome, contact Ennevy Consulting.

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